The practice of Yoga helps us become more aware of our choices and decisions. We get better at co-creating our best on the yoga mat and this brings more juice to sweeten our experience of life. As we work hard and cultivate the field of our practice we grow strong bodies, quiet minds and open hearts.

Yoga is much like climbing a mountain path. Were mindful of every step while immersing our self in the journey.

Yoga gets us our of our heads and into our bodies so that we each experience our truth that we are each unique, perfect and complete.

This Yoga provides the technology to stand in your power and move from the heart reflecting that power bringing more of our gifts in service to the greater good of all. Both curious beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcomed to find a path on one mountain for you!

Along this path, we build community and honor the individual while connecting to the bigger energy of the whole! May we each find the jewel of our essence every time you roll out the mat. Lets climb the mountain together.